Memorial Day
That's a 3 ft x 5 ft flag on a 10 ft line

No Flybar

Without pitching up in fast forward flight

On Board Alternator

Tired of charging your flight batteries?

Canopy Clip

To keep the canopy where it belongs

Dial Indicator

Interapid 312B-2 dial test indicator with 0.0005" resolution on a jointed support arm bolted to a modified 2" C-clamp

Dial Indicator

Same indicator, different mount

One Bladed Heli

This photo is from Model Aviation, Oct. 1987 pg. 102.  A more recent example
  Heli dance Full size demo

    Great Paint Job
  Mi-24_1  Mi-24_2  Mi-24_3
  Mi-24_4  Mi-24_5  Mi-24_6
  Mi-24_7  Mi-24_8  Mi-24_9

  Where it's at  
IRCHA = N40 9' 30", W85 19' 25"
Area51 = N37 14' 25", W115 48' 35"
Trinity = N33 40' 38.28", W106 28' 32.52"
MCAS New River = N34 43', W77 26' 34"
The Bone Yard = N32 9' 365", W110 50' 24"
  The oops list

  Average Current Consumption
  NACA 0014 and SAB
  Servo Compare Chart

  Raptor 30/50 Parts full list
  Raptor Parts 1 print in landscape
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  Raptor V1/V2 differences
  Raptor V1/V2 conversion parts